was founded in 2008 with the desire to offer an intelligent solution to its customers, namely a modular underground system for the selective collection of urban waste as reliable and efficient and easy to maintain.

SIDIPLUS is the only company in the sector that offers the most reliable underground modular system for urban waste collection, with a 10-year warranty and a lifespan of 35-40 years, based on 17 years of experience gained both in Spain and in Romania.

SIDIPLUS TRANSILVANIA S.R.L. is based on the quality management of products and services offered which is based on cooperation with customers in implementing underground systems and organic waste treatment solution, so that they serve customers in order to achieve the objectives of selective collection of urban waste and transformation of organic waste into fertilizer quality in less than 24 hours.


is to offer professional services and products in the field of waste management. Among our clients are the mayors and renowned companies that operate in the field of real estate construction to which we offer personalized and efficient services,

BIOMAX application areas:

The technology of transforming organic waste into quality fertilizer in 24 hours can be applied in all areas where there is organic waste.